Welcome to my portfolio !

My name is Cédric Heckly, I am a self-educated filmmaker. Come and join me on my journey to make your video!

Opération Iceberg 4 - Blue Orchid
S E L E N N - Essor (Live session)
Into the Chalet - Les Diablerets 2nd Edition
RAW VIII - Vevey
LINEDIT x Oleum Vera
Raw VII - Montreux
Christmas Rock 2018
Showreel 2018
FoodHack - FoodPreneurs Lausanne @Masschallenge
Mark Kelly - Nearly
RAW VI - Basel
FoodHack - FoodPreneurs Lausanne: Press & Storytelling
OpenBike 2018
Broken Face - Psycho
cinestil 800
NALU - This free place (Live session)
MARK KELLY - Floating (live)
MEIMUNA - Au-delà (live session)
CAS : FIFAD 2018
Into The Yard : Camp
Waterproof ?
Lovely morning
RAW V - Luzern
Fête de la musique Courtion
FoodHack FoodPreneurs Lausanne BBQ
Opération Iceberg - KT Gorique
FoodHack FoodPreneurs Lausanne
Opération Iceberg - Gabriel Afathi
Vertical Unit
My Cabinetmaker exam
Friski - The Beginning
Into The yard - yoga brunch concert
Friski Holy sh*t dude
Chrismas Rock Festival 2017
Friski Powder
Dustprod - 1ST Edition
Cave 33
Dustmoon - Fly Away
19 kg
Broken Face - Memories
Broken Face
Into The Yard : Vevey
Into The Yard : Lausanne
A Foggy Day
Morning Vibe
three o'clock
Grandvillard from above
Openbike 2017
My Rode Reel THIEF
Friski Waterslide
Moléson Sunset
Friski Fireworks
Friski Moon/Sun
Friski Deep Snow
Friski First color
Friski courmayeur 2.0
First try
Friski Saas-Fee